Legend of the Blue Sea

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Jun Ji Hyun as Sim Chung/Se Hwa
Lee Min Ho as Heo Joon Jae/Dam Ryung
Sun Shin Hye as Cha Si Ah

Miss Ji Hyun is a mermaid who fell in love with Mr. Min Ho(a con artist). Aside from her, there was another woman who likes Min Ho – miss Shin Hye.


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Mr. Min Ho and his accomplices(friends) are on another con job. This time, it is a rich couple who invites them for lunch. As planned, Min Ho and 1 accomplice eats lunch and speaks with the couple about matters of investment. This time, they were about to get busted. The couple’s sister-in-law(miss Shin Hye) happend to know Min Ho. Before Shin Hye could arrive, Min Ho and his accomplice hurried out of that house.

When miss Ji Hyun finds out about Min Ho’s job, she forbids him from doing it again. He promises to stop but his two accomplices(friends) depends on him. Will he really stop?


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In the meanwhile, Min Ho’s dad searches for him. (Min Ho ran away from home at the age of 10 and never got in touch again.) His dad wanted to find him and leave all his wealth to Min Ho. Min Ho’s greedy step mother finds out and hires a hitman to kill Min Ho.

It was strange that Min Ho, Ji Hyun, and the hitman keeps dreaming about their past lives. In that dream, Min Ho and Ji Hyun dies. It was deja vu. The past will repeat itself. But Min Ho refuses to die. Can he change his fate? Can he save Ji Hyun? In children’s books, the mermaid is said to disappear like bubbles. Does this mean Ji Hyun will die? Hope not! Watch and enjoy!


photo source: dramabeans.com


photo source: hancinema.net


photo source: hancinema.net


“If i have a name and am not crazy, can i stay with you all the time?”

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